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C. Filson
Question-- I am doing some research on baker's racks and am having trouble finding much information. I am trying to coordinate a project which involves replicating an 1850s baker's rack for the kitchen of a historic site [military fort in Southern California].

Here is an example of a modern baker's rack--


The design is a lower storage area covered with a countertop [imaginably for food preparation], then topped with a high shelving unit that is narrower to allow more room to use the countertop.

Nowadays, baker's racks are primarily home decor accents used to showcase china or curios, and also sometimes as wine racks.

I have been unable to find much information online regarding the initial origin of the baker's rack and various incarnations, but the cabinetry in this video caught my eye--

It is the all-wooden unit located against the right wall in the 1830s kitchen. Although it is far clunkier and larger, it still follows the design elements of a baker's rack-- lower storage area, countertop space, narrower high shelving unit across the back.

Can anyone recommend any further references, photos or illustrations I could consult?



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