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My husband and I are planning to redecorate our farmhouse that was built in the early 1900's.  The floors upstairs are plankboard, but painted this horrible color that is somewhat pinkish brown.  Can you get a visual?  Anyway, this house was given to my husband whose grandparent's lived here for almost 60 years, and we feel that it is time to update.  We want to stay with the 1900's style, but where can I find information that will help us do so?  For example wallpaper, paint color, fireplace renovation for that era.  Thank you


We finished renovating a farmhouse and had similar floors on the 2nd floor. Instead of wall-to-wall carpet, we painted one of the floors a summer-house turquoise blue and it worked.  We would have refinished the floors with stain, but the paint couldn't be removed -- there was a marine grey paint used by the last owners.

We ended up liking the painted-floor look -- with an area rug.

For other rooms we painted the floors a deep blue, for another a forest green, and so on.  Each had a matching oriental rug.  The blue living room had a modern reproduction of a William Morris print -- it was my favorite.

There are Californian wallpaper companies, I believe, that have time-period wallpapers.  Murals aren't out-of-the-question for 1900 either.

If you want to splurge, http://www.housemouse.net/ebooks/ebooks.htm has listed a wallpaper ebook titled Wallpapers and Wall Coverings, 1903 --at bottom of page.

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