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I'm a 15 year architectural draftsman looking for some direction on this website or another as to which book I should purchase or locate for fairly detailed residential roof framing methods and exterior ornamental detailing diagrams, or even possible archived construction documents of Victorian & Gothic style architecture.  Most of the books I've glanced over are mainly floor plans & elevations/perspectives which I are great but not what I'm looking for.
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Hi Tony,

I sent you pictures of Victorian roof trusse diagrams from 1893 in an email. Please consult with an architect before working with them.

Merrymeeting Archives LLC
Rena Goff, manager


Thanks for the PDF, it gave me someplace to start. 

I've been going through a lot of old 1800's to early 1900's books and carpentry books but have yet to find very much on Victorian details, but rather mostly bungalow Alladin/Sears type details.  It's rather quite strange as you can find everything all around that style including some extreme Gothic details, but the have only found one decent detail for Victorian which was for the turret framing, very useful.  I've attached a jpg of the type of drawing details or "working drawings" as they called them back then that I'm looking for.

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