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David Maron

We are designing the renovation / restoration of Phareloch Castle, Basking Ridge, NJ, a circa 1922 Norman Revival stone and half timbered structure.

It was featured on a TV program about haunted houses.

Is there any information you can share?


David Lloyd Maron/ Architect, PC

New York



Here is a link to the ghost site  - the pictures enlarge when you select them.

I'd love to see the exterior. 

I attended the boarding school that occupied the "castle" just before the fire, we visited and toured last year, and have provided Steve already with yearbook photos that show it as it was, if you need any further info please contact me, wonderful project that you have.
some pictures from 70 to 72 before the fire


Is there more info on this place, say how restoration is comming along etc... I just got engaged and I am looking for a place to be married and if I am to rent a place I would rather the money go to a wonderful cause like this beautiful old building!

Robert Wilmot Williams

I attended Woodcastle school in this castle from 1949 to 1952 when it was owned by Dr. Lumpkin.

James A. Miller Jr.

I was at Woodcastle School for Boys when Robert Clifton "Tony" Lumpkin, PhD, was headmaster. He rented it from widow Mrs. Beatty who would visit for inspection and honored guest supper with a man with a black patch over one eye (Mr. Beatty's brother?). This was circa each six months. I shared a front second floor bedroom with two other lads. Our room adjoined the master bathroom with big (to then little me) white claw'n ball footed tub. It was featured as a "Ghost Castle" in 1981 on Tim Kettle's TV show, "That's Incredible". Allan Lansburge Productions (Project 321-144), 1438 N. Gower St., Suite 249, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. My first night was in the third floor rear bedroom, over the master bedroom. "Scratch, scratch" in the walls in the night, then "thump"--dear Lord, deliver me. Come the dawn, I was told it was flying squirrels in the attics. Jim 4970 N. Hampton Dr., Southport, N.C. 28461-7420

William G. Bartels
I attended Woodcastle from 1949-1955 and am trying to visit the Castle with the following people whose email address is as follows:

HGreen9505@aol.com,drower1@gmail.com,bartelsbill@yahoo.com,focusoninfinity@hotmail.com Hudson Greene, Douglas Rower,James A Miller, Lewis Eisen, and Bill Bartels were students at Woodcastle School for Boys between 1950 and 1955. We would like to visit the place once again, if that is acceptable with the present owners. I will be glad to include the documentation of the catalog of Woodcastle with your permission, the same is in the Library at Bernardsville New Jersey

William G. Bartels
24 Monroe Place Apt 5A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Christina Rhoads

I am the case manager for the Greenbrier Paranormal Society located in southern WV, would it be possible to investigate the castle during renovations? Some people believe that during renovations spirits can be "stirred" up. Not only are we ghost hunters, but we are all history buffs as well. Thank you!

James Alfred Miller Jr.
First two pictures are from the small "Woodcastle School for Boys" catalog in the possession of former resident Hudson Shaw Green, Sr.  Robert Clifton 'Tony' Lumpkin, was headmaster then and later Hudson's step-father. This was in the circa 1950's prior to "Chartwell Manor". Chartwell Manor, Somerville Road, Liberty Corner, Bernardsville/Basking Ridge, N.J., soon removed to Mendham, N.J., and is also defunct.

I can not see the four former Woodcastle students photo, but in it I think is myself, Jim Miller, the poster from Southport, N.C., the aforesaid Hudson of South Carolina, William G. "Bill" Bartels of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Lewis Eisen of Somerset, N.J. The kind present owner asked if we'd like to see the kitchen? I said yes. The owner seemed surprised, saying some former students trembled, and refused to see the "torture room". I said that's Chartwell Manor, we are Woodcastle; it was not Hell's Kitchen for us, though it hurt. I'll show you where Dr. Lumpkin hung the octagon-handled red paddle, and where the double-door, "monitor-top" refrigerator was, and near it the table we bent over to receive the paddle's punishmening whacks. The later alleged "English" caneings and sexual abuse were NOT by Lumpkin; strict, but fair.

As to the Castle Utopia (original name) Wm. N. H.Beatty's (d1931) ghost, I never saw one, but my first night there in the third-floor (basement excluded) bedroom, behind my bed's headboard, in the wall I heard "thump", "scratch, scratch". Come the dawn, the two other lads said that was flying squirrels landing in the two-floors attic.

On the other hand, in Winston-Salem, cleaning out a deceased friend's apartment at night for my father's occupation; whilst vacuuming, I turned to look down the dark hallway; appearing out a door into it, was the clear vision of the late occupant, Bob. It so scared me, I ran out; then going in only to quickly turn off the lights and lock the front door. Dad said Bob never bothered him. On one hand, Bob had six real fingers. The useless small sixth, had no bone in it.

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Sarah Cardini
I live in Basking Ridge and i would LOVE to see the exterior of this "Castle" honestly i have never heard of this place until i was doing research a couple minutes ago. Where exactly is this located?


Sarah, I don't know the address. Some of the other posters may know....

Ok thank you anyway i will loo into it more

The address is 1 Shadowbrook Lane, Basking Ridge NJ. The place is privately owned but you can set up a time to look around the castle.

joel chernetz
I attended  woodcastle  for 2 years before the fire,   dr. lumpkin was very mean he  would sit in the kitchen and drink wine most of the day out of an old jelly glass..    paddle you butt till it would bleed
there was another teacher  I think his name was mr.consavcage   a vics addict  I can recall the police  came and took him away I was only 12 year  that place was  a living hell  , if you tried to run away you  would get  hurt'

 he  wrote a book about the school  does anybody know where that book is ?    names were mentioned  and actions of the students were in that book,  mrs. green  was another piece of work they lived in the tower .
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