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Brandon B
Hi, I hope someone can help me...I just bought an old house in desperate need of help. I am trying to find which pattern book the house may have come from. I bought AJ Downings "Victorian Cottage Residences" and couldn't locate anything that was close enough. The house has some spotting features that make it close to only one or two other homes in the area. There are two chimneys that are close together toward the center of the house. The interior is symmetrical. It is in an area that came to be in the 1830's. The taxation information indicates it was built 1890. I have been told it's a Carpenter Gothic and that it may have been added onto of the years. I posted a question on MyOldHouseOnline.com (click on the link for the forum post). Here are some pictures and the layout: (Click on the Photobucket Link) I attached some photos - hope they uploaded right.

I'm trying to find the book these are published in. I have looked in everything I can. I'm sure something out there exists in a book I haven't seen though.


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