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We are looking into building an authentic Victorian and absolutely cannot find any new house plans anywhere that are what we want.  I am looking for a plan with a turret on the corner, preferably with no porch out around it, and no balconies.  I have two George Barber books and just love his work, but so many of his plans have balconies.  Are there any other architects of that era who would have a plan or plans that would be similar to this? 


Honestly, if you don't want balconies and porches, a Victorian may not be the ideal house for you. Victorians loved their porches and balconies. Come to think of it, I've not seen too many, if any, real Victorian houses that didn't have porches and/or balconies. Hope that helps!


No, I want a big porch...I just don't want it to be wrapped around the turret, thus hiding it somewhat.  I've looked extensively, and not nearly all Victorian houses have balconies.  There are a lot that do, but not all of them.  Barber's designs are replete with them, and I love almost all of his other elements.


We just learned the difference between a turret and a tower.  Maybe you need a tower blue print, Rhonda.......Towers extend from the ground up and turrets do not............Our George Barber has a turret.  
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