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Hey folks,

     I'm a total loss on the gulf coast of Mississippi (literally a slab) and would lke to rebuild something at least approaching what I had.  The core of the house was turn of the (20th) century.  While it had been added onto, it was a really cool old house.  I'm looking for blueprints to houses from that era, and if possible, from my area.  I have no idea where to begin my search. If anyone out there has access to such resources, Please let me know.  I realize that we can't build exactly as it was, but I'd like to get a little closer to original than some of the "katrina houses" are.  I'd rather not build a plastic box with 21st century "charm."  Any help would be appreciated.




         Bill Hryhorchuk


   205 Leonhard avenue

   Bay St. Louis, mississippi 39520

I'm in the same boat in the Bay in Old Town area.
Try these people in Jackson. Close enough to care.

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