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Careen V
Sorry, the above link is bad, try this

Careen V
The Grand Anne is actually design no. 29 in "Modern Dwellings" by Barber, pp.  172-175.  Barber mentions a "client" for whom he built the home.  The client was Clyde Royal Joy, a prominent citizen of Keokuk.

Very nice Rena.............You could still hold the camera steady while being frightened of the heights.  You could be a reporter.  Thank you for the "trip" on Boomer.  It leaves today but we hope we have found another boom truck to take it's place for another week while we finish up on the scroll work on the third floor.  Thanks so much.          

Donald Mitchell (Raymanre

I`m so excited. I got a call last weeh from (Victorian) John Shumacher and he sent me a copy of Barbers "Apreciation" book. I think its so cool to find anything this old, And realize that though the owners are long gone their beautiful houses are still around and being admired as much today as when they were built. Thanks to Victorian John!

Donald Mitchell
I also found this barber on Youtube.


Thank you, Don! Great catch!  And the other videos that Youtube has on Victorians -- fun!


There was a Barber mail-order home in Alamance County, NC that was for sale last year.  I am looking for the floor plans, or photos, or any additional information about this house.  It was built late 1890's (I think) for a doctor and his wife.  The property was a little more than 20 acres.  Does anyone have any information??

Donald Mitchell
Alex, that might be the Charles T. Holt house in Haw River, NC i saw it last year on Oldhouses.com real estate. Its not there now, so another agency may have it. Heres a photo.

Annette Carberry
Hi all-
I have so enjoyed reading all of the posts here about Barber homes...  I am such a lover of Queen Anne Victorian Architecture, with Barber homes being my all-time favorite!  Unfortunately, I do not yet own a Victorian home, but just pour over the internet, magazines, and the many books I own on Victorian Era architecture, hoping one day to be able to own one here in Western NC.  (My plan is to fill our current brick, split-level home with so many turn-of-the-century antiques, that my husband will have no other choice but to buy me my Victorian dream home!   
In any case, I just wanted to comment and let you know that I think all of the homes/links that are listed on this blog are just breath-taking!  Congratulations to you all on your labor of love. 

In closing, I do have one question...  I checked out a book from the library entitled, A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina.  On p.54 there is a Barber home located in Elkin, NC.  The house is known as Alexander Martin Smith House, c. 1893-97.  The address is listed as 131 Gwyn Ave., and the builder as T. A. Dean, according to this book.  The house is about 2 1/2 hours from where I am, and I have not yet taken the trip to go see this house, but plan to ASAP...  I have tried to upload a somewhat grainy image from the book, I hope that I am doing it correctly.  If not, I do apologize...

In the meantime, does anyone have any additional information or pictures of this home?  Current Owners? 

Thanks for your time-
Annette Carberry
Hendersonville, NC    

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_3257_1_1.JPG, Views: 109, Size: 43.10 KB 

Merrymeeting Archives LLC

Yes, indeed there is a George Barber designed house in Elkin, NC.  I haven't been there yet, and I'm not sure of the address, but that looks like a Barber design!  Any one else think so?

The book you have is:

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina
By Catherine W. Bishir, Michael T. Southern, Jennifer F. Martin
Published by University of North Carolina Press, 1999
ISBN 0807824658, 9780807824658
496 pages
I encourage people to purchase the book new wherever they can find it!  I have to remove the picture from the message board because it is copyright protected by the book's authors--But if you travel to the house, please upload YOUR photo -- we would love to continue to see the house here. : )

Best Wishes,

Merrymeeting Archives LLC
Rena Goff, manager
Annette Carberry
Thanks for your reply!  As soon as we take the trip I will try and upload my own picture for all to see...  In the meantime, if anyone else has any info on this house, I would love to hear about it!  
Seems like I remember reading somewhere on this blog about Barber & Barber in Knoxville, TN...  Is this a continuing business, i.e.; Victorian Home Plans?  (Forgive me for not being more informed, but I would love to have more information...) 
My husband and I have discussed possibly building a new Queen Anne home, but have no idea where to start (i.e.; architects, builders, etc...).  I know that this is a costly venture, but a good compromise for someone who would love to renovate a historic home (me), and someone who would rather put their money into up-to-date new construction (my husband).
Any information would be much appreciated!
Thanks again!
Annette Carberry   

Barber has some smaller house designs also.  See Cottage Souvenir #2.

What would really 'bring it home' is accurate rendering of porch railings, doorways and inner woodwork.  The fireplace mantel and newel post for the interior front stairs set this style apart, and are worth studying!

Chris DiMattei
Annette, Rena, and All,
The Smith house in Elkin is still in the Smith family.  The current owner is Ms. Marth M. Smith and she guards her privacy rigorously.  I attempted to get photos of the house through a friend, (the daughter of a childhood friend of Ms. Smith), but Ms Smith refused to allow it.  As I understand it, this house is surrounded by tall thick hedges which makes it difficult to get any decent photos from the street.  I don't want to discourage you from making the trip, but I also don't want you to go all that way and come away disappointed.  Sorry if this comes as bad news.

On the "New Victorian" house front, I might be able to offer some good news.  I have designed a new victorian house based on a Barber house design.  If your plans to build go forward, perhaps I can help you out with its design.  Just send me an email if you're interested.


Mike in Atlanta
Hi Annette,

My wife and I researched the architecture of Geo. F. Barber for a couple of years, and then designed and had built a Barber inspired house based on The Cottage Souvenir No.2, Design No.1 (CS2:1). We've been in the house for a little over 7 years. (Go to Google Maps - Street View for 332 Cherokee Place, 30312 and look north). You are right that it can be a costly venture because the details are so important. The curved cedar-shingle belt course between the first and second floor, the masonry (brick) chimney, the round tower with witch-hat roof, curved porch, and handrail all help to create the "feel" of an old house, but each costs a little more which adds up quickly.

I understand that Barber & McMurray Architects in Knoxville is an outgrowth of the original George Barber firm, but they aapparently do not specialize in Victorian/Colonial Revival Architecture, and they do not have the "old" plans as one might hope. Most of Barber's original Victorian plans were destroyed in a downtown Knoxville fire in 1895.

This message is for Alex. I will look at my old emails because I think I may have the floor plans for the Charles Holt House in Haw River. I went through the property in April of 2007. It was so beautiful. I had fallen in love with it after having seen it on the Historic Preservation website. I kept checking on it for a year and finally made the trip in April of 2007. Well worth the trip from Philadelphia. Send me your email address and I will forward what I have to you.

Donald Mitchell

Hi Mike in Atlanta! Beautifule home! Looks like its been there since the 1890s. Beautiful neighborhood also with many distinctive homes that help create the perfect surroundings for a new barber home. Would love to see more pics!

Annette Carberry
Hi Chris and Mike in Atlanta-
Thanks for the replies!  Forgive me for not responding sooner.  I have been so busy with the Christmas Season that I have failed to log on here...
I was so saddened to hear that if I did take the trip to Elkin, NC, that I wouldn't be able to see The Smith House, even from the street.  Thanks for the heads up, before I made the trip for nothing.  (If I am ever in the area, I will investigate on my own, and post any pics that I can get...) 
If we do decide to go the "new" house route, I will definitely be in touch about your plans... 
I was able to view your home, and the surrounding neighborhood, and it is gorgeous!  Although I would love to own an old home, I think that building new is a good compromise...  I am curious to know if you used an architect that specializes in historic construction? 
Thanks for the additional information on Barber & McMurray in Knoxville as well.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
Hi everyone!!!  I'm still lovong this site.  Wow, the houses are beautiful.  I want one !!!!  I took some photos, (film, not digital) of a house in my home town that I believe is a Barber Home.  The current owners bought it five years ago and are restoring it.  It was a boarding house when I was young, then was empty for about 15 yrs, (to big for most people to manage it).  The new owners put a new roof on it right away.  They have been restoring the inside for several years when they have time.  It is the most glorious house in a historic town of beautiful homes.
The house is in Knightstown, IN, on the NW corner of Brown and Jefferson street.  It's catty corner from the post office.  I wish all of you could see it.
I was in the house just once, when it was a boarding house.  I was amazed at the size of the rooms.  This house takes up about 2/3 of a half block.  I remember when I was a teen it still had the carriage house.  I didn't check to see if it is still there when I last saw the house, last year. 
I would be happy to send a photo to whomever runs this site.  Just let me know through this site or my e-mail addy.
Keep those great pics coming.......you all give me something fun to do when I can't sleep !!!
blessings to all,

I'm so happy that someone emailed us about a possible Barber-designed house in Iowa--I couldn't wait for her to post; I'm so happy about this great find:


What do you all think?!! I say hands-down Barber.

Rena Goff, manager
Merrymeeting Archives LLC


Alissa Gutierrez
My husband was in Natchez, MS this past week and came across a perfect Barber home – #36 from Cottage Souvenir.

Donald Mitchell

Alissa, I like that one, especially the keyhole window!

Alissa Gutierrez
I wish he'd ventured up to the house and knocked on the door – I'm always curious if the interior layout matches Barber's floorplan. And in our experience, people who are lucky enough to own a Barber home are incredibly gracious and happy to show them off!

Chris DiMattei
Alissa and Donnie,
Funny that you should mention the second floor front window.  That house is actually well known as "The Keyhole House", yet I have it in my database as the Swartz house, built in 1890.


Donald Mitchell

Rena, I missed your link , Thats a beautiful house! It certianly appears to be a barber.

Mike in Atlanta

Google Maps “Street View” is a good tool for viewing Barber houses. Here are a few I know of in Georgia. Cut and paste the following addresses and look in the direction indicated:


264 W Crawford 30720 (look South)

CS2 53 The brick building is an extension of the house!


386 N Thornton Ave 30720  (look East)

Modern Dwellings 44 (pg 115)


454 E Main St 30518 (look East)

A better Modern Dwellings 44


1756 Virginia Ave. 30337 (look South)

CS2 56


232 W. Harris St 31822 (look South)

A better CS2 56. Also see chipleymurrah.com.


W College St at Wedowee St 30108 (look Northeast)

CS2 45


5544 Spring St. 31830 (look East)

Modern Dwellings 27E (pg 154)


215 W 37th St, 31401 (verify address and look South)

CS2 33.

Donald Mitchell
Mike I have found the google maps to be a good way of hunting down these houses. Last week I found the J.E. Schutt house in Colorado.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: File0030.JPG, Views: 54, Size: 167.52 KB 

Donald Mitchell

Mike, What citys are they in?

Jim Johnson

I have a George F. Barber home in my calendar of Victorian Homes that you can see on the back page of my website, http://www.victorianhomescalendar.com.

Mike in Atlanta

I omitted the cities to keep what needed to be cut-and-pasted to a minimum. I couldn't figure out how to capture the map web address as you did . Regardless, the cities are respectively: Dalton, Dalton, Buford, East Point, Pine Mountain, Warm Springs, and Savannah.

Thanks for the info on the J.E.Schutt house. I didn't know of that one! Is the testimonial form "Artistic Homes"?
Chris DiMattei
No, it is from Barber's publication entitled "Appreciation".

What a great way to look at Victorian houses from your armchair! Google, never ceases to amaze.

I started a google map of Barber houses awhile ago, but didn't finish the project.  Rory and I have been writing a book on the 1850s for 2 years now, so these big projects must wait...

The Victorian Calendar is tempting...I just may purchase one...the price is right : )

Rena Goff, manager
Merrymeeting Archives LLC


Donita just emailed me this great flicker address:


Mike in Atlanta

These are some Barber houses in Alabama that show up on Google Maps – Street Views.  The addresses given afford the best view of the house are not necessarily the actual mailing address for the house.


302 Boligee St Eutaw, AL 35462 (look Southeast)

Modern Dwellings 1904:273

Also looking Southwest – supposedly a Barber.


384 N College St Greenville, AL 36037 (look West)

MD1904:203 “DeLong Rice”


390 N College St, Greenville, AL 36037 (look Northeast)

Modern Dwellings 3rd edition:45 page 117


236 Michigan Ave, Mobile, AL 36604 (look East)



1506 Monterey Pl, Mobile, AL 36604 (look North)

MD3: 3-E pg 121

Kate Shepherd B&B


146 S Georgia Ave, Mobile, AL,36604 (look North)

Suspiciously like MD3:24 pg 61 or MD3:8-E pg 126


466 Academy St, Orrville, AL 36767 (look South)

American Homes: May 1896 pg 185


Orrville, AL

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Orrville,_AL_AH_5-1896.JPG, Views: 1084, Size: 130.64 KB 

donald Mitchell
Thanks for posting these Mke! you have so many beautiful homes in AlabamaI think that the houses below are later Barber cottages, and have several variations in our town.
View Larger Map

Our George Barber front parlor window after the new paint job.

Donita's right hand man
Here is the before.  Donita had been testing possible color combinations, prior to the actual finish painting.

Donnie Mitchell

Wow, the colors are great and It looks like they really preped it well. Lookin` foward to seeing more!

Chris DiMattei
Mike in Atlanta, can you send me an email message?  I need to send you some Barber documentation, but I don't have your email address.  Thanks.

Chris DiMattei


Hey everyone, I think I found a Barber home in IL.  The town is Grayville IL. It's 3 stories, carriage house with cupola.  It's on Court Street.  It's BEAUTIFUL.


Donita-- Love the "After" picture...Awesome embossed flowers !!   

Mike in Atlanta
Chris - Email sent.

Ruth - You've found the W.W.Gray home - a confirmed Barber house. It's pictured in Barber's catalog "New Model Dwellings Revised and Enlarged" as design 71B. I saw it in 2002; it's a wonderful house!

Here are some more houses to veiw on Google Street Maps:



610 Perry St, Helena, AR 72342 (look North)

MD3:2 pg 9


252 W. Ash, Brinkley, AR 72021 (look South)





2086 San Jose, Alameda, CA 94501 (Southwest)

CS2:53 custom  Brehaut (my favorite Barber!)


1154 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 (NW)

Custom  Maynard


822 E Kensington Rd, Los Angeles, CA (look Northeast)

CS2:56  Weller


   I found the Gray house on a ride in the country in IL.  I have friends who live close to Grayville.  I love finding great old houses.  Needless to say, that one is a doosy !

I think I found another Barber home.  422 Main Street, Winchester, IN.  It's a beauty.  We saw it last Saturday.

Chris DiMattei
Ruth, thanks for posting this info.  Is there any chance you took some photos of it?  If not, can you go back and shoot some for me?  I need them for a Barber house database I am developing.  Also, was this house located at 422 N Main, or 422 S Main?  From the satelites of Google Earth, it looks like the S Main address is more likely.  Thanks again.

ruth millerr
The Winchester house is South Main.  I found two more houses in Salem, IN.  Type in Salem IN and click on the google search for that town.  When the info pops up, click on the second photo left of the map, and feast........If I find the addy for the other house, I will send it.
I don't have a digital camera, but can send photos if you give me a usps addy.  Contact, judsonave1225@yahoo.com
ruth miller
ps....I can't get you photos of the Winchester house for awhile.....it is 300 miles from where I live.  We go up that way about every two months.  We search out OLD houses.  We LOVE old houses.  We are particularly fond of the Barber homes. 

The Morgan House in Bloomington IN is a Barber home.  To see it, type  "The Morgan house Bloomington IN, in the search engine.  Click on the one that is City of Bloomington to see a picture.  It's a nice house.

I'm looking for Barber homes in or near Tallahassee .

Mike in Atlanta
Here are the Florida Barber houses that I know of that can be seen on Google's "Street Views". Once again - the listed addresses are not necessarily the actual address of the house. Cut and paste the addresses and look in the direction as indicated. 



182 Circle Dr, De Funiak Springs, FL 32453 (West)

CS2 37


S 7th St & Ash St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034  (look NW)

Bailey House B&B


2506 1st St, Fort Myers, FL 33901  (look NW)

MD 45 pg117


514 Caroline St, Key West, FL 33040  (look North)

MD 45 pg117 currymansion.com


180 S. Marion St, Lake City, FL 32025  (look East)

CS2 56


529 N Donnelly St, Mt Dora, FL 32757  ( West)



908 E Park Ave, Florida Tallahassee, FL 32301  (look North)

Modern Dwellings 27E (pg 154)

  Thank you Mike in Atlanta ...   Do you live in a Barber house?

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