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Thank you for posting!  This message board is hosted by Merrymeeting Archives LLC.


Merrymeeting is compiling a list of George Barber houses - if you are living in one (or know of any) please post.

We published an ebook of the pictures we took in February 2004 of 30 Barber-designed houses and a list of George F. Barber houses still in existence that we have found, but haven't yet visited.

We got to go into the attics of a few of the homes, too. Cool!!


Merrymeeting Archives LLC

George Barber Homes, the eBook with Barber houses photos, and a list of Barber house locations, is available as an instant download, order is secured by Verisign. This George Barber Homes eBook is the supplement to George Barber's Cottage Souvenir #2 from 1891.

kim fisk
I own a one inch to one foot miniature replica house that is modeled after an existing George Barber design home that is featured in the 'America's Painted Ladies'. It is said to be a combination of Designs 33 & 34 from George Barbers Cottage Souvenir Book.
I would like to hopefully, obtain this book or at least copies showing these particular designs to apply to the background of my little houses' history.
If you can forward any information to me, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Kim Fisk
kristi delaney
in regards to george barber homes ,, there are serveral located in knoxville tennessee,, most have been restored,, and at certain times of the year, tours are given thru the homes.
Patrick Rowling
My wife and I own a George Barber cottage in Rockland, ME that was built in 1896.


There are two other Barber designs in our town, both in very good condition. We love the house and have lived in it for ten years. Would love to see pictures of other designs!
John Greer
My wife and I own a Barber designed home. It is a two story GreekRevival circa 1912 it is located in Courtland Al 35618 . We are currently restoring this grand old home
David Shaw

My wife and I own a 1906 Barber home in Eutaw, Alabama, which is currently for sale if you know anyone interested. We love our wonderful house, but the wife has contracted big-city-itis, so we're moving.

David Shaw
You can check it out:
Sidney D. Nolte
Several years ago(about 1951), I was a graduate student at the University of Iowa.  As a married student, we rented an apartment in what I now call a "student ghetto".  It was an old beautiful Victorian house that had seen better times and was rented out as apartments.  We lived on the second floor and shared a bath with a dental student and his wife living in the rear apartment.
By surprise, we were visiting in Oregon and shopping in a gift shop, found a postcard with that same house.  We drove by it and took a photo.  I believe it is plan number 143 and is distinguished by a very large chimney dominating the front of the house.
I have images of the Iowa City house and the Oregon house photos as well as a bed and breakfast in Taylorville illinois but am not able to attach them here.
If you know of any other duplicates, please let me know.
Sidney D. Nolte.

Rory and I have been traveling to Iowa, taking pictures to add to the George Barber Homes eBook for sale with Cottage Souvenir #2.  The photos from Iowa haven't been posted to the eBook yet, but by ordering the current edition of the eBook, you'll automatically receive the updated edition when its released. 

George Barber house in Iowa City, IowaGeorge Barber house in Iowa City 

Rena Goff, manager
Merrymeeting Archives LLC


Sidney D. Nolte

Yes indeed that is the house.  I seem to recall that it was on college street and there was a sorority house across the street.


We lived in the front apartment on the second floor and it opened on the little porch shown on the picture.


Thank you for your reply.


Sidney D. Nolte



I can see a George Barber designed house from every west window of my house.  Our neighbors have a port-cochere (sp?) and an old photo showed that there was a glass conservatory once perched on it, early 1900s. I'll post the picture later this year, I hope.

jane minton

I live in a 1905 home designed by Barber & Barber architects of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is a mail order home. Would this be a George Barber home?

old house
Someone told me that my home may be a Barber design. it was built in 1890, pure Eastlake I believe. I don't have a book that shows the various Barber designs. If anyone has a book showing the various Barber homes, would you please e-mail me, and I will send a picture of my home. I would like to find out if my home is a Barber design, and I would like to know how the original floor plan was layed out. My home was converted into apartments in the 50's-60's. I have since converted it back to a single family.

All the best

Will Dunklin

There is a lovely George Barber house at about 420 West Main Street in Lebanon Tennessee. It was owned in the 1960's and 1970's by Danny Evans who started Cracker Barrel Restaurants. He has since sold the house.  It is a delightful, large two story brick house with a 3rd floor circular tower/porch complete with witch's hat roof. Much of the original ginger bread survives though a couple of modern additions are visible from the street. In my humble opinion, it's one of Barber's best.


Thank you for the information regarding Barber and Murray in Knoxville.  One of these years I'll have to visit Knoxville, where they have a copy of Barber's plan book, New Model Dwellings, before Cottage Souvenir #2.


If anyone knows where I can purchase an original New Model Dwellings, please email me!



I hear the History Channel may be working on a renovation of a George Barber house as a Special.  Please post if you hear anything.




A web search says it all -- Next year (2007) the History Channel will air a one-hour special on the renovation of the McCubbins-McCanless House at 424 Park Avenue in Salisbury, North Carolina.


My wife and I have just purchased a Barber design last October. We saved it from the wrecking ball. It needs a lot of TLC, and we're prepared to do it. 


In the Dover catalog on Victorian Cottage Architecture, it's design number 44 on page 94 of the catalog.


My biggest task is to trying to find the original blue prints, and make a few sets (copies) of this plan. If this thread is still alive, I'd love to know where I may find a set of these prints.


Design 44 is found in eBook 2, page 11, for Cottage Souvenir #2 by George Barber.


You can follow the deed back in time to all the former owners, and contact as many as you can find -- one of them may have kept the blueprints. I received the original blueprints for our 1894 house -- they had been passed down through the 4 owners before us.


Other than that, perhaps the modern architectural firm of Barber and McMurray in Knoxville, TN may suggest a lead. They have developed from the former Geo. Barber architectural firm.


Or perhaps, if you find a duplicate George Barber house in the US, you can contact them to see if they have their blueprints.  But note: many that have the same exteriors, may have custom-built interiors.  George Barber was famous for customizing. 


A preservation architect can often study a house for clues and make a plan of what the original house was.  "Forensic" blueprints!

Bob Albers

We have owned design number 229 for 20 years and have never disturbed the originality of this home and have also restored it.  See the original slate on attached picture.  We have recently received an offer to sell it even though we did not have it on the market.  It is located in Aviston, Illinois.  The original Twiss Home believed to have been built in 1908.  We have the original specifications and the catalog from which the design was taken.  http://www.avistonil.org/Albers%20Home.JPG  

Keith Dayer

My partner, Karen Canton and I have a Barber design house from 1897. It is located on West Main St. in Elizabeth City, NC in the town's historic district.  It is locally known as the Lillie Grandy house. A web search using keywords Lillie Grandy and queen anne will yield a photo of the house. Alternatively this is a link to the site:




We have researched the house some, have the original specifications, but no blueprints, and we don't know the plan number from which it was derived, but most likely came from some later catalog than souvenir #2. We also don't know the paint scheme, as the paint specs offered up only catalog numbers from a paint company long out of business - the American White Lead and Color Works. At least we know that it was a four color scheme, which we are happy about. At present the whole house is painted white, and the decorative shingle on the gable facing the street is mostly hidden by a very overgrown magnolia, but these things will be dealt with in time, and the house will be brought to its designer's original appearance as much as possible. It's a gem of a house, and solid as can be, with essentially all of the original details intact.

Earl Clark
I have a George Barber house and wondered if it was listed in the books that you sell. Who do I contact to find information like that?
Earl Clark
Here is a web link to pictures of my house in Richland Center, Wisconsin.


We have a George Barber that was built in 1900.  It was built for Dr. and Mrs A.L. Charles in Lancaster KS.  We have been told by family that it was an original design for Mrs Charles. We have the original spec sheet written by Barber himself.  We moved into the house about 2 years ago and just love it.

Unfortunately, we are moving and have to sell it.  Anyone interested please look at  pics on OldHouses.com or email us for more pics.

Jack Thomson

Hello from Salisbury, NC.  I am the director for the Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc.  We are working with The History Channel and Lowe's Home Improvement to restore the McCubbins McCanless House at 424 Park Avenue, Salisbury, NC.  The restoration is being filmed to produce a "Save Our History" special to be aired on The History Channel, this fall.  We are just now finishing the plaster work and exterior carpentry and will be painting next week.  The home is really starting to come back to life after years of neglect.  We were fortunate enough to obtain the plan book The Cottage Souvenir No.2 which notes this particular house as Design Study (DS) #36, page 78 & 79.  There is a Barber expert named Michael Alcorn with a site: http://www.ists.org/Barberexhibition.html .  Also, please feel free to visit our site to view the McCubbins McCanless House:  http://www.historicsalisbury.org.  We are fortunate enought to have at least 5 Barber homes here in town that have survived.  Others may still be identified as Barber works.  The M & M House will be on our annual house tour in, if anyone is interested in comong to town the second weekend in October

William G. Brockman

I am a member of the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua and we own a house built in 1880.  The legend is the three story house was a mail-order house in  a Swiss Chalet stlye with a wrap-around porch on the first and second level.  Does anyone know if this could be a George Barber home?  It was owned by Hart Massey, a wealthy Canadian.

Jeff Decker
George F. Barber house not from any of the plan books we are told. Built in 1899 and fully restored as a bed & breakfast in 1988. Listed on the National Register as the Francis B. Warnock House. Located in Northwest Iowa and built by the Basset brothers of Ida Grove, Iowa. Check it out on line at http://www.theinnatbattlecreek.com

The Barber-designed Charles Holt House, in NC, is currently for sale. A winter-time photo is in George Barber Homes, the free eBook included with Cottage Souvenir #2, by George Barber, 1891


We arrived to take the pictures during a snow-storm, and we can attest to the magnificence of this lovely mansion!


Can you find Barber homes in Michigan? We love these homes and did not know others did too.




The Post House in Battle Creek, Michigan is one. I'm not sure if it is extant. 

Does anyone know if it is still there?

Jack Thomson

George Barber House on the History Channel

We just learned that our restoration will be aired on September 23rd. Please try and tune in as the house is magnificent and the renovation has been a true labor of love by all involved. The house will be the crowning jewel for Historic Salisbury Foundation's October Tour of Historic Homes, Oct 14th & 15th. To learn more:



Neely Plumb

I am so glad to see that Knoxville is doing something about this incredible historic resource. We talked to the Knox County planning Department in 1993 or '94 about a historic resource survey of Barber houses and assembling a National Register District, but nothing came of it at that time. I understand that the city/county did its own HR survey later, though.


Over the years I have documented several Barber houses outside of Knoxville:


Design #56- Weatherford, TX-remodeled, vinyl siding


Design #36- Weatherford, TX-mirror plan of plan book, executed in brick, allegedly built by a cattle rancher named White, had a "W" in the portiere work in three pocket door openings. Previous owners reported that it was haunted. The house was incredibly in tact the last time I saw it about three years ago.


Design #-- (I don't remember the #), Calvert, Texas-just rehabilitated in the last 5 or 6 years with an addition-pictured in the 1982 American Life Foundation reprint of Cottage Souvenir #2


Design #41- Ft. Smith Arkansas- under rehabilitation-I just came across this one and I believe it is pictured in the Cottage Souvenir #2.


Design #2- Marshall, TX (2) of these are extant, both remuddled, one only missing the tower and the porch ornamentation; the other with the porch ornamentation and asbestos siding, but both restorable.


Design #41- Denton, TX- It was severely compromised and cut up into apartment; may no longer be there as it has been many years since I saw it about 20 years ago.


Beaumont or Orange, TX has a custom Barber home. The city, THC, and the owners apparently do not know it is a Barber, but everything is Cottage Souvenir #2 textbook including the staircase, moldings, etc. The carriage house is the design from Cottage #2 with the tower (i don't remember the design #).


Weatherford, TX also has a custom Barber home and it has been compromised as well. It is a large 1-1/2 story with textbook Barber elements seen on design#1 (tower, etc) located outside of town on a large hill, maybe a ranch? The attic/half-story floor had rooms around the inside of the roof structure and an open ballroom type floor in the center of the attic/half story. Someone needs to document this one.


I have found others in Texas, sadly one of which was demolished about 2001 in Marshall, TX. I do not remember the design #, but it was a modified plan, and I will look it up. I watched this one be demolished by neglect for over 20 years until it was demolished by a track hoe. I know where the newel posts were as they were apparently removed by a neighbor.



Please contact me if you have questions or comments.

W. Neely Plumb



Donald Mitchell
We moved into an 1893 stick victorian in may and think it may be a barber home. It was a custom design for a banker who built it onto a 1846 home that had belonged to his family since new. The original family had this over 100yr.
Donald Mitchell
Here`s an old pic. <Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Neely Plumb

Your house is clearly A Barber from Cottage Souvenir #2, but I don't remember the Design #. I am out of town and I will look it up when I return home in a couple of days and get back with you. VERY NICE HOUSE AND PHOTOS! You are very fortunate to have the historic photograph.

Where is this house?

Donald Mitchell
Thanks, Were in Trenton Tn , Northwest Tn. Ther are many nice older homes in our historic district.
Emerson Corder
Does anyone know of any where that has Geo F. Barber's floor plans?
Stephen McCanless

I am watching the History Channel special on the renovation of the McCubbins-McCanless house....I understand that the historical foundation has the house up for sale....being a descendent of Napolean Bonaparte McCanless, I am very interested in the selling price....please advise

carlos ruiz

Picture of Horton House


This is my 1890 Victorian in Santa Ana, California.  Does anyone know if this may be a George Barber design?


Thank you




Does anyone have any idea where I could find the house plans for George F Barbers Eufaula Alabama house known as the Foy Beasley Hamilton home?


Thanks, Shirley

Shirley B

here is a picture of the Foy Beasley Hamilton Home



donald mitchell
Wow, Beautifil houses, Carlos and Shirley!

Wow! Where does the time go? I haven't been on for awhile.


After so many pitfalls, such as 76K in delinquent taxes, I could write a book about the endless trials and tribulations we went through to make it ours. We'll we finally got a clean title on the 1891 George Barber Number 44. It took 7 months, and a hundred meetings.


As some may remember, this home was condemmed by my city and my wife and I made a pitch to try to save it.


The photo below was shot back in July. We've made a lot of progress on the home. It was without a roof for two years. We also restored the chimneys.



Don't even ask about the colors.....lol. The pervious owners painted it orange.


There's a link at my website if you want to follow the progess. I haven't had much time to update it. My day job gets in the way.

donald mitchell
Great house Ron! Love the turrett. It looks to be in pretty good condition in the pic.Would love to see some more pics! Thanks for sharing.

This is my home in Comer, Georgia as it appeared upon completion in 1895.  When I purchased the property form the original family they also included a clipping from a Victorian era plan book showing a much more elaborate version of my home with the same floor plan.  To date, I have been unable to find the document from which my period plan was derived. I am hoping that you may be able to help.  Many of the features, floor plan, and massing are very similar to those that I have found in those Barber cottages that I have seen thus far.  Thank you.

Rob Leroux
To whom it may concern....
I think I may own a "Barber House".
Original blueprints (partial set) state "Barber & Klutz".
Would you kindly aid me in verifying this possibility.
A response would most appreciated.
Thank you....

Rob Leroux

ATECH - Design Services

300 Main Street S
Barre, MA 01005-9005
v: 978.355.9850
f: 978.355.9851
m: 508.826.8065

donald mitchell
Here`s another one on my street.
Tamara Taylor

I own a beautiful Barber house in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  It is from the cottage catalog number 2, desing 56.  The house was built in a mirror image from the original design.  There was one house of this design built in the right way but it was torn down for a freeway path in Knoxville, TN.


I can send pictures if you like.


Also, there are a few other Barber Houses in Oregon that I know.


Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

There is a Doctor at Cornelle University that is THE George Barber expert, his information is in the forward of the reproduction of Cottage Souvienier No. 2.  There is another Doctor in Washing State who has extensive research also and has written on the subject.


Let me now if I can help in any way.


Tamara Taylor


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