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My daughter has purchased a home in Kalamazoo originally owned by George P Hopkins. George's father, DS Hopkins was a well-known architect of Victorian homes. I purchased his book "Late Victorian House Designs" but do not find the plans for her current home, although there are many themes and variations. The history we pieced together is that the home was built in 1895-96 on a corner lot in Kalamazoo, where a previous home had stood (owned by George). It is logical to assume that when George decided he wanted to build a new home for his family (in the same location), that he would have his dad, DS Hopkins, be the architect (he was also a carpenter). Can someone give me some links to other floor plan books of DS Hopkins?

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I was talking with a collector of Hopkins house plan books, and he wishes Merrymeeting Archives LLC to publish them after Christmas.

After that occurs (and I'm hoping it does!) we will let everyone know when they're available!

Dale DeSloover
Hi Jan,

    I think I've got a lead on your Hopkins house. I think it is Design No. 183 from Houses and Cottages Book No. 8. That book is not yet in reproduction, but a real close copy of it is; Houses & Cottages 1893 by Donald J.Berg. That book was published in 1983 by Antiquity Reprints, Rockville Centre, N.Y. I hope this helps, I've got a number of Hopkins original catalogs. My wife and I live in a Hopkins home in Monroe, Michigan.

     Get back if you need more info,

        Dale DeSloover

Dale has great photos of Hopkin houses:



Yes, I had also found those houses on the Internet, and I've printed them out for my "resource" book.  I am still shopping for Houses & Cottages 1893 by Donald J.Berg, as I suspect "our house" is in that book.  Also talked with Dale via email.  Thanks for the prompt replies!

Mary Deal, author of RIVER BONES,  A Mystery Novel, published her new book with a picture of a

D. S. Hopkins Victorian house on the cover. Perfect for Sacramento, California.

If you're looking for it, the ISBN number is: 978-0-595-48172-9

Thank you, Mary. Visit her online at http://www.marydeal.com

what is the address of the house, I am a distant relative. someone said 904 park kalamazoo was the d s hopkins house but all I find is 904 s park st it looks similar but there is no red brick building by 904 s park st, kalamazoo. I do not find a 904 park ave in kalamazoo given to me by my cousin.  I would like to go by the house but I am not sure of the address.
Hi Diann,
House is at 704 S Park, corner of South Park & Dutton. I think the red brick building you described is the house next door, on Dutton.
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