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Hi all,

I'm seeking the plan from which our house was built, but can't seem to find the exact one. I have found nearly a dozen plans that are similar (page 241 in George F. Barber's
"Modern Dwellings: A Book of Practical Designs and Plans" is an example of the red herrings I find), but not the exact plan.

The gentleman who built our house (the beige one) bought the land in 1889, took out a mortgage for $1200 early in 1891, and the house existed on city maps by 1893. I have found a house (the grey one) in the next town that appears identical to ours. The deed trail for their house goes cold at 1911, but it was definitely built before then.

Any insight or leads are appreciated more than you know.


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I checked in the Shoppell ebooks -- the house is not in any of the Shoppells.
Donald Mitchell

It looks very similar to this #11 from Barbers New Model Dwellings.

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Hi Donald,

Our house looks somewhat like the one you posted, also. It appears that a local architect, Charles Austin Dunham, may have 'been inspired by' a Barber design, perhaps. 

Have you posted a picture of your house yet?

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