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Richard Jackson
Anybody know of any software or files or anything to help make 3D models of  V
Victorian homes? I looked at a few different 3D home design software and I get the feeling that they're only good for designing simple modern homes. I'm considering making a 3D model with 3D Studio Max 9. Anybody know of any available 3D models of parts of Victorian homes, such as the windows and spindles? That would help.


Wow! Sounds like you really need an architect instead. Architects usually have better access to 3D design software.


I use an older version of Punch Superhome Suite. It's lots of fun, though lots of work too. Especially to get those roofs just right! I've imported files of some old house plans into the program and then just drawn over the picture of the house plan to make a replica. Not sure that made much sense but if you've seen the program then you would know what I mean! It's worth a look. Plus you can "see" your house in build mode with all the interior beams and such exposed or in finished mode with the walls and doors and windows in. Then take a "walk through" what you built. Quite interesting. The program also has a budget-type sheet which will show you how many of each item you need to build it. You can then input the local cost of each item and it can show you a basic guesstimate of cost. There is also a way to print out the plans for a scale replica of the house so you can see it and touch it for real. Really neat. Hope this helps some!

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