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Sheffield, Illinois

Sheffield, Illinois

Sheffield, Illinois Victorian house.Sheffield, Illinois Victorian house.

I have just purchased this house.... From what I have been told it was built in 1900. The porch has been removed over the years and I would like to replace it to original grander. Attached is a photo taken in 1907 and one of today. Where can I start finding plans and or like plans to reinstall the porch.


you should look at maybe homedepot or some hardware store. maybe they can either help make it or help you find someone who can.

Barbara Coleman

Victorian Homes magazine is also a good resource.

I wouldn't look at Home Depot for help on how to build or design your porch. Rather, look at oldhouseweb.com, Old House Journal, your local historic society, and your town historian. You may be able to find testimonials of others who have been through a similar renovation, and your local resources may have more pictures of your home's original porch and other homes in the area with ones similar to it. If still in doubt, contact a local restoration or historical preservation firm or construction services for professional help.
Any good architect can re-draw the plans as you seem to have an original porch still there that can be copied from.  Make sure you craft it from cedar, as it will last longer in the weather, and it takes paint very well.  You can buy columns from Home Depot, or a restoration home store that specializes in re using materials from disassembled homes.
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