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Sanford, Maine

Sanford, Maine

Sanford, Maine Farmhouse.

"I have tried off and on for a few years to locate the book this house design came from. My mom told me her grandfather got the design from a book called the Steel Square. The house was built in the late 1880's from what I have been told. I have not found a Steel Square book that old... do you have any ideas?
Plus we have a picture of the old cape cod style house from the 1700's that was torn down to make way for this more modern house. I believe the style to be Queen Ann?"


To research the exact date of the house:

Follow your real estate deeds back in time [reference previous book and page numbers on deeds] at the local Registry of Deed's Office. In your case it should go back to the 1700s when the first house was built, but the research along the way may sometimes give you an idea of when the old house was removed, additions added, and new buildings added, and of course who the previous owners were.  


Old city maps or insurance maps sometimes have footprints of houses which can help you date the house.


You may also find historical information at the city assessor's office.


Street Directories will usually tell you was the head of household each year for the address, and may give you additional clues.



The Carpenters' Steel Square, and Its Uses by Fred Hodgson was first published in 1880, and Steel Squares and Their Uses by Fred Hodgson was first published in 1890, and Practical Uses of the Steel Square by Fred Hodgson was first published in 1903.


I looked at the 1906 printing of the 1904 Hodgson's Estimator and Contractor's Guide and the 1913 printing of the 1903 Steel Square. Both books contain identical house plan supplements that have a design that is reminiscent of the style of your house, but it isn't exact. Hodgson called the style The Egan. There is also a hint of your house in the Hodgson design called Eastlake. I know these may be too late for your house, but they may be similar in design to his earlier books.

Vivian Sankey

We have this book -- How can we help you?

Forrest B. Secord

Do you know where I can get volume one of Fred T. Hodgson's book "Practical Uses of the Steel Square."

Merrymeeting Archives LLC

Here is the downloadable PDF of the Steel Square,
renamed Craftsman Mail-Order Houses [for Sears catalog], and with it, is the PDF Southwestern House Plans:


The HABS Texas list in that package is a time-saving reorganization of the free website by the U.S. which could save you more than an hour of HABS internet browsing. [HABS Washington's Headquarters plans are linked in the message board posting, "Valley Forge House." ] 
Mark DuBose

I too would like to find a copy of volume 1 of Fred T Hodgsons Steel square and its uses 1880  I have a copy of the volume 2 1890

I have Carpenters' Steel Square and its uses.
The problem is that it is very old it was given to my Dad from his uncle back in 1938 Yes it is old and I would like to know how to take care of it

Keep the book dry. don't store it in a basement or a garage. Stack it as they stack books in librarys (on bottom edge) and use a book end so the book won't lean and skew. keep the spine away from sunny areas so the spine doesn't fade.  there are probable more tips for keeping old books in good shape, but those are some basics.  

I have a copy of Frank Hodgson's book Practical Uses Of The Steel Square Vol.1.The only dates in the book say '1904' on the title page and copyright '1903' on the next page.

The book is stamped before the title page:
'Brotherhood Edition DeLuxe.
This set is No. 19XX of which only 5000 sets will be sold'

Then it is autographed below this stamp. It is also autographed on the next page below his portrait

Would anybody know how to figure the value of this book?


Lots of Steel Square info here:


I have a copy of Practical Uses Of The Steel Square vol 2 copyright in 1903. I too would be interested in knowing how much it would be worth if anyone could help.


I have Practical Uses of the Steel Square Volume 1.  Do you still want to buy it?

Jorge W. Rodriguez Jr.

I have a copy of Vol ll by T. Hodgson copyrighted 1903. (916-208-0692)

I have The Steel Square Fred T. Hodgson Vol 1.
Beginning pages are not in the book to page 36.
Are there any damaged books that would have these beginning pages avail
Thank you so kindly.
Brenda Lewis
I have a book published in 1880, by Fred Hodgson, titled The Carpenter's Square and It's Uses.
Daniel Brigham
This site has a source button to view the book http://biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/18603#/summary
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